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a multi-generational music class

A special 40-minute music class with littles, parents, and our "Grandfriends". Get in touch with your inner child through the joy of music across generations

Have a little one in your life who loves music? Know an elderly person you care about who lights up when they see a child?


This special "multi-generational" class is designed to encourage (safe) interaction between our oldest and youngest community members after over a year of social isolation. The class will function just as a normal parent and child singalong would, but with the addition of our "grandfriends" singing and playing along. I might be sprucing up a few oldie but goodies on my ukulele, special for the class as well and firing up my bubble blower to help make things fun.

How does it work? 

- Sign up as a family or a grandfriend for the class

- Grandfriends are older community members and their caregivers if needed (It is not required to bring a grandparent for this class, but they are welcome!)

- Ms. Sally will lead a singalong class with everyone there singing and playing along

- Expect singing, stories, instruments, and fun!


Sunday, March 6th @ 11:30am

@ West Trenton Presbyterian Church, Ewing NJ

Masks required for adults, children are left to parental discretion 


(snacks and juice will be provided)



Note from Miss. Sally

This class is very near and dear to my heart. I want "GrandFriends" to be my way of giving back to the community by bridging the gap between ages through music. I started this class for my dad who suffers from Alzheimer's. I encourage you to come and give it a try. You will not be disappointed. This is such a special type of musical interaction that will have endless benefits for your child and their fellow community members.

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