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The Little Music Corner

Join Miss Sally from The Little Music Corner for a bite-sized music class brought right to your speakers. A music time podcast for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the grown-ups who love them. Miss Sally's high-quality song choices and research-based teaching practices will have your little one begging for more music.

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MUSIC MATTERS- Here's why....

Music can.... children develop language skills by exposing them to different sounds and rhythms.

....improve memory and cognitive development in children by helping them learn and remember new information. children develop motor skills by encouraging them to move and dance to the beat.

....foster creativity and self-expression in children by providing them with an outlet for their emotions and ideas.

....aide children's development of social skills by encouraging them to interact and play with others.

....allow children to relax and cope with stress, making it a valuable tool for promoting emotional well-being.

Do Re Mi - Solfege Hand Sign Tutorial 

You might notice we begin every episode the same way, with the solfege scale. Below you will find a tutorial video for how to demonstrate the hand signs for your little ones.

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