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Calling All Parents and Caregivers
of "Littles" age 0-6

Give your young child the unparalleled benefits music provides that will serve them for years to come 

Let me guess... Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • Picture this: It’s been a long long day. You need a break to throw some stuff in the dishwasher or even just have 5 minutes to yourself, but you definitely don’t want to put Cocomelon on again! (You’re ready to rip your hair out if you hear that song for the 1000th time.)


  • Or maybe you are someone who feels like the days just drag on and on with very little to look forward to…


  • You notice your child is overstimulated by regular TV and child's programming. You wish that there was something educational and entertaining they could be part of.


  • You’re a parent or caregiver who wants to make sure you are giving the child in your life the best chance for success you can later in life. 

What if I told you you didn't need to feel this way? 

In fact, there is a way to ditch Cocomelon and rather enjoy the brain and body benefits of high-quality music education.

Something that will hold their attention WHILE educating them at the same time. 

AND it won't drive you crazy!


  • It will strengthen your child’s literacy and pre-reading skillset

  • Teach abstract concepts like emotions, empathy, etc. in an age-appropriate way.

  • It will help your child connect to the world around them

  • Strengthen the bond between you and your little one (when we sing to them, they know we love them)


The Little Music Corner Membership

An online membership for grownups and their kiddos to receive the unparalleled benefits music can provide that will benefit them for years to come. 

In this membership, you will find videos and experiences created by Miss. Sally to not only teach and regulate the child but also to deepen your bond with your child, all while being disguised as pure FUN!

This is where you will be part of my signature method of teaching music to young children


Did you know..

- By age 1, baby's brain has already reached 70% of their adult size

- By age 3, the brain is 85% of it's adult size and is already crisscrossing to form communication skills and thought patterns 

- By age 5
, the brain is 95% of it's adult size... nearly full grown. This is why developmental experiences had in early childhood are so crucial
"Music is one of the most intense, multisensory, and physically involving activities in which young children and their caregivers can engage together."
-Carnegie Hall 
"Music enhances the process of learning. The systems they nourish, which include our integrated sensory, attention, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities, are shown to be the driving forces behind all other learning."
~Empathy, Arts and Social Studies

Miss Sally is warm, welcoming, kind, and inclusive! Her love for music, teaching, and children is expressed through all of her actions! It is always a positive experience attending her classes. I look forward to taking my daughter every week.

- Valerie, Mom of 1 y/o

Hi! I'm Miss. Sally

I’m a certified music teacher who specializes in music used in the early childhood setting. Beyond the credentials, I am a high-energy individual who pours her heart and soul into everything she does. I am all about celebrating the small victories and being patient with the children I teach. I also value connection above anything else in my teaching and I strive to make this happen with each child in my classes. 

As a child, I often felt underserved in my unique set of needs. I was often the one who had trouble focusing and paying attention. Each child has their own unique set of needs. Now, I strive to teach classes my younger self would have thrived in.


How does it work? 

Step One: Sign into your member portal to check out the introductory videos


Step Two: Put on the fan favorites video for your child to start learning some of our favorite songs


Step Three: Sign into our parent support community for dates and times of the upcoming live music classes or special events. Don't forget to introduce yourself and your little one. 

There is more!

Replay of live class becomes available later 
Recorded On Demand Class added monthly

Each month, members recieve the following perks  dropped each month

Lyric Sheets/Printable from that month's class
FB Community Group (with Parent Education and Special Lives for the Littles)
Plus these bonuses!

- A Happy Birthday video from Miss. Sally just for your kiddo

- Access to the storybook video library where Miss. Sally sings her favorite stories to you

- Podcast version of fan favorite classes to listen on the go


First access to registration for in-person class sessions and events 

40 dollars off the in-person session price for being a member

Miss. Sally is a wonderful teacher-- meeting your kid at their level and helping them to feel involved in the class and love the music.

Highly recommend.

- Monica, Mom of 2y/o

Why ONLINE Music Classes?

As a parent you have just about 75 million different things to do and choose for your child on a daily basis.... so why choose music? 

What makes this the best choice? 

Online Classes have these benefits- 

  1. You can access these classes from anywhere in the world

  2. Never even have to leave the house. (No more fights to get to the car ontime)

  3. No worries if your child is coming in and out of the class.

  4. Being able to watch class content on the go (Singalong with your kiddo in the car)

  5. If you have a large family, one membership price covers all on your screen!

Why The Little Music Corner

with Miss. Sally?

You mean besides the fact that the classes are entertaining, engaging, and educational?

All of my classes reflect the needs of the students in the class. And here’s why that’s so important to me…

  • I was that kid who couldn’t sit still

  • I was the kid who only felt successful and safe in music class

  • I was the one who was deemed “oversensitive”

  • I was the child who couldn’t produce the answer as fast as my peers

  • I was the one who's  Kindergarten teacher physically turned my head to look at the board while I was in a daydream

I know first-hand the benefits of quality music instruction on a regular schedule.

My classes are not only heavily researched and steeped in best practices, but they’re also created based on my real life experiences in school.


I want every child to know they are loved, accepted, and safe in this space. 

Pricing Options

I’m so confident you’ll love this program, that I’ll give you 7 days to try it out. If you’re not completely satisfied after you’ve completed at least one class, I’ll refund the money, no questions asked. 

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Why does music matter so much in Early Childhood? 

Glad you asked! did you know that most children reach their basic musical competence by age 5? This sets the precedent for their whole life long. So music doesnt just matter it is ESSENTIAL. The list is endless for this question.

But I know NOTHING about music and I am not a good singer.

Not to worry. I will make sure I give you all the tools to set up for success at home. Let me be your guide. Plus, you do not need a good singing voice for this to work. Believe it or not, your kiddos needs to hear you sing. They will not know if it is "bad". Your voice is crucial to their devleopment so I encourage you to give it a shot.

When are the live classes? 
What if I can't attend?

Live classes are held at varying times in the month to accommodate different schedules. Members can check their portal for when the classes will be held.  Can't come live this time? Replays of all the live classes will be made available for you to watch as many times as you like.

What if I can’t get my kid to follow along for the entire time?

This is almost impossible to do at their age. The beauty of the online class is that the child can come in and out without you needing to feel pressure to control them. You can always watch the class again another time if it just isn't the best day for them.

Do we need any supplies?

Typically you will need to bring something that shakes to each class. Other than that, there may be some printables you will want to have that are provided. Also, always feel free to bring their favorite instruments or have them around during class time. 


This class benefited my "N" through repetition, silliness, and fun! My child doesn’t sit still but miss Sally had his attention and it grew each week!

- Mary, Mom of 5y/o

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