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The Little Music Corner

with Miss. Sally 

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Hi Friend! It's Ms. Sally!
Does your little one love music? Can you see them light up when they are listening to music? Or maybe you find your little one a bit more introverted, you can tell they enjoy music, and you want to encourage them to express a bit more. You have come to the right place! Through my high-quality music classes, I foster expression, imagination, and connection for your little one. In just a short time, we develop the skills to see these things blossom in your child through intentional and highly researched music class experiences. I am committed to providing a highly engaging experience where both parent and child get to have the most fun. 

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What are people saying? 

After following along with Miss Sally for 10 weeks, he finally plays the ukulele and really loves it! I never would’ve thought a zoom class would’ve worked for Nicholas, but it has and even though every class has not been perfect he has definitely made a huge improvement with his listening and retaining everything that she is talking about even if he’s not completely participating!

—  Gina, Mom of 3y/o Boy

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