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The Little Music Corner

with Miss. Sally 

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Hi Friend! It's Ms. Sally!
Does your little one love music? Can you see them light up when they are listening to music? Or maybe you find your little one a bit more introverted, you can tell they enjoy music, and you want to encourage them to express a bit more. You have come to the right place! Through my high-quality music classes, I foster expression, imagination, and connection for your little one. In just a short time, we develop the skills to see these things blossom in your child through intentional and highly researched music class experiences. I am committed to providing a highly engaging experience where both parent and child get to have the most fun. 


What are people saying? 

"Miss Sally is SO warm and welcoming. Her classes are engaging and fun for both children and parents. I find myself singing the songs to my son all the time! We love that the classes are silly and fun but also help learn valuable skills like cleaning up, patience, and socializing."

- Eleanor D 

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